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The origin and development of polyethylene

PVC originated in France in 1835 , a man named V.勒尼奥discovered that he was accidentally put in a vinyl chloride in the sunlight produces a white solid , that is, today the PVC .
1914 found that organic peroxides can be accelerated through the use of vinyl chloride polymerization , Germany and France in 1931 the company achieved industrial production of polyvinyl chloride emulsion polymerization method. Simon WL 1933 to propose the use of a high boiling solvent and tricresyl phosphate heated and mixed with PVC , can be processed to become today's soft PVC products . Therefore , PVC use of only the real breakthrough.
ICI in the UK and the U.S. Chemical Industry Company and Union Carbide Chemical Company Goodrich almost at the same time in 1936 while developed suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride and PVC processing applications. In order to more effectively reduce energy consumption and improve the production process, in 1956, France Sheng Gebang developed a bulk polymerization . By the 1983 's , when the world 's total consumption of plastic about 11.1Mt, while production is 17.6Mt; This is second only to polyethylene production Secondly , while accounting for 15% of total production , according to , and Chinese self-designed PVC production equipment was in 1956 in Liaoning Jinxi chemical testing of the device in 1958 3kt official industrial production , and by 1984 production reached 530.9kt.

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