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Remove the plastic protective film profiles unglued how to solve

Less unglued situation appeared recently , many customers told us reflect a protective film on steel profiles under test , after technical staff to understand, recently found out that a number of protective film issues brought inconvenience to customers , all the surplus plants was extremely apologetic , and arrange with a single staff with customers to solve problems .

    To this end, all the earnings profiles also explain to you how to solve the problem of the protective film unglued

    When the user profiles after the completion of the installation and construction of the protective film from the surface of steel profiles torn when the adhesive surface protection film and not with a protective film , but the profile of residual products , this is the most reluctant to see the user because it is very troublesome , you need someone to put these glue scraped from the profiles is particularly labor intensive .

    There are many possibilities this problem , most likely is a pressure adhesive protective film does not meet the requirements , which is too viscous , resulting in raw profiles protective film is peeled off , the tension is greater than the external stress, and remains in the profiles on . If you encounter this problem, you can use a clean cloth dipped in a little alcohol , residual glue smear repeated until the glue is wiped clean, but it needs to note that during the time do not wipe too hard , otherwise, the product may affect the finish of the profile .

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